We buy Drones, RC cars,laptops, Tablets and even TVs

Now Repairing or buying Ipads

Laptops and Ipads can be mailed in,or I can come to you.

we buy Phantom 4 drones any condition, RC cars like X-Maxx Erevo and E-maxx

Please call or email from the contact page for a quick response

TVs must be local Orlando

If you are not in Orlando or Surrounding area please search your local Craigslist for buyers orĀ  list it there for sale , expect $5 to $100 tops for cracked TVs.

Updated February 2014

USE the Contact page just call email or text me,
What I pay will depend on a few factors:

  • Physical or Operating Conditions,
  • Age of the item is also a major factor as technology evolves you can get more features and speed for less money
    Presently a 60″ Sharp LCD/LED TV costs $1000 and has an internet connection. A few years ago a 60″ LCD cost over $3000
    and had less features. A new $300 laptop has more speed and storage size than a $1200 Laptop had three years ago.
    Just because you paid $3000 for something doesn’t actually mean its worth that today. Depreciation happens to everything.
    I pay based on what it’s value is TODAY.
  • Size of the screen; a 15″ TV sells new for under $70
  • What is included; AC adapter, is the battery good,is an extra battery included, discs/software,( a missing Hard drive, Memory will reduce the amount)
  • The features: HDMI , Webcam, Dual or Quad core CPU, Hard drive and Memory Sizes.

I am obviously trying to make a profit, based on current market value not what you paid when it was Brand New.
If your laptop is working you can try listing it yourself on Craigslist but if you want CASH TODAY we may be able to help.
You should check all your options and don’t be afraid to tell me what you want for it, if you have a custom gaming laptop
that you paid thousands for perhaps I will pay more sometimes,
I provide a solution for quick cash even if its not working !

Future Website Updates include:
An estimator with model #s and exact prices for automated mail in for cash service.
Planning on prepaid shipping labels for small items (working with UPS to get the link setup)

Thanks for visiting !